This is your brain on 'Magda' live - Plus bonus album review of 'She's a Dancing Machine'

This is your brain on ‘Magda’ live – Plus bonus album review of ‘She’s a Dancing Machine’

MagdaThis is your brain on…’Magda’… For those of us who witnessed Magda’s crate…well ok her Laptop has gig(gle)’s worth of choice bangers that ruined the lot of us. I particularly loved the spontaneously rich sound selection. Complexities that trigger the imagination… A sonar ping’ed relentlessly by the end to help me find my way back…to myself. You know you’re at a good party in L.A. when you recognize 20% are DJ’s & Producers…all being rocked off their asses. Two technically enduced trainwrecks but still a monster of a inspirational night.

And this is your brain on ’Adam Beyer’… His set reminded me of a classic 8 hour set back at the Playground in Montreal by Sven Vath. Obviously Techno is in very ’Beyery’ good hands… I look forward to seeing Adam in a setting that allows the longer format…and can someone turn down the fuckin lights next time!!! (keep going for review)Adam Beyer

Album Review: ’She’s a Dancing Machine’ brings the rich dubby fat ’minimal’ soundscape to her fans. With some 70 tracks specially blended it’s quite the adventure in electronic sound innovation. Madga’s playfulness and spontaneity seems to always bleed on the edge of a ’live’ sound. In her own words:

“There is a familiar feeling in music today which I felt during my introduction to electronic music. Through multiple layers of tracks, edits, loops, and effects, this mix compilation is constructed to reflect these old and new sounds and the similarities between them, which make this mix special and personal to me.” – Magda


Special thanks to Maven for the photos.