Which One Of You Stole Danzig's Shit?

Which One Of You Stole Danzig’s Shit?

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Fess up, thief. I’m covered: Following Danzig’s show at the Wiltern LG last Wednesday, I have the staff of Frank and Hank’s, the staff of Cafe Moss booking club, and the staff of my apartment all vouching as to my drunken whereabouts. I could not possibly have driven off in Danzig’s truck packed to the satanic gills with stage equipment.

From Blabbermouth:

World Entertainment News Network reports that Glenn Danzig is keen to take the law into his own hands after a tour truck carrying his stage equipment was stolen on Thursday night (Nov. 30).

Danzig and his namesake band DANZIG were relaxing after a show in Los Angeles when the equipment vehicle was stolen.

As well as asking fans for information, angry Danzig is planning his revenge on the thieves.

He fumes, “I should be able to kill somebody if they fuck with me.”

Meanwhile, one disappointed DANZIG fan who went to see the “Blackest of the Tour” show in Santa Cruz Thursday night – only to find out that DANZIG had pulled out of the show at the last minute – has submitted the following report to BLABBERMOUTH.NET:

“I went to the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, California [Thursday] night for what was supposed to be the final show of the latest DANZIG tour, and lo and behold, the evil one had cancelled without notice or reason. Only a piece of paper on the wall stating technical difficulties gave some sort of explanation to the angry and dissapointed fans (myself included). The rest of the bands on the bill played and tickets were honored at the door with a seven-dollar refund. I went around back and got some information from one of the roadies who told me the ’official story’: The guy driving the equipment bus was [allegedly] high on crack and after the previous night’s show became paranoid, so fearing the police he took off in the bus with the equipment and was M.I.A at the time of the show. So DANZIG pulled out at the last minute and left many fans wondering why. The venue’s website said nothing about the cancellation, nor did their phone line. The only way for people to find out about the cancellation was to go down to the venue, so many people who drove a long way, wasting both time and gas got totally let down.”