Charles Phoenix’s Slide of the Week: Christmas Tree With A View, 1970

Christmas Tree With A View

Christmas Tree With A View, 1970

The Hollywood Freeway goes from side to side. The Union Bank building was the first skyscraper in Southern California. It was dedicated in 1966. We are high up atop one of the twin Arco Towers as they near completion. Rarely do we see a fake Christmas tree and an American flag together but here they are high on a steel beam labeled KAISER TOWER dangling from a crane fixed high above the city. The workmen protect their heads with smart red hardhats. They stand in awe of their patriotic holiday display. It is truly inspired. One of the men makes a timeless early morning fashion statement by pairing a black sweater vest with a lipstick red long sleeve shirt over white bun-huggin’ bellbottoms. Everyone knows you’re not supposed to wear white to a construction site!

Here’s to the flag and the tree flying high together, bellbottoms and YOU!

Charles Phoenix

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