UCLA’s Lorenzo Mata: In Pictures

’Zo Mata
The man-in-the-middle for the pre-game huddle.

Good form on holding the ball.  The release could use some work.
Good form on his free throw shooting up to this point. But everything after this freeze frame could use a little work.

He hits the floor like none other.
The man is a human Swiffer. He’s on the floor fully 50% of the time he’s in the game.

And, yet again, hitting the deck.
And, yet again, hitting the deck.

“[Arrr]… arrgh!!!”


Tatt on his guns.
Close-up of that wicked tatt on his left gun. Print this out and take it to your local tattoo parlor for your next ink.
Lindsay Soto
The lovely and talented Lindsay Soto of Fox Sports spotted in the bleachers. She sports glasses and 4″ stilettos off camera. And a fat wedding rock.

This guy in the suite folds and lays out the towels.  Too bad they aren’t in numerical order.
This guy in the suit folds and lays out the towels. Points off for the broken numerical order.