Win Tickets to New Year's Eve with Lips & Gnarls

Win Tickets to New Year’s Eve with Lips & Gnarls

WayneCeelo Chan

Alright, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Of course we weren’t going to let you down for New Year’s. So how should we give these to you? One thing’s certain, we wouldn’t ask you loyal readers to whore yourselves out for us. At least not during the holidays. Plus DeMarco’s banked enough accumulated whoring to keep us satisfied til at least Groundhog’s Day. So how about this then:
The Flaming Lips were recently honored with the dedication of their very own street, Flaming Lips Alley, in their native OKC.

Flaming Lips Alley

Using this news as the premise, your task is to come up with a Los Angeles version of the dedication of a street for a Los Angeles band/singer/songwriter, in a particular Los Angeles neighborhood.

Send an e-mail to us at with the following:

1) The Los Angeles band/artist
2) The Los Angeles street/neighborhood
3) The new street name
4) Your full name

Entries will be judged on the appropriateness and creativity on the combination of band/artist + old street/neighborhood + new street name. Good luck.

Contest has ended. Thanks to all that entered. Feel free to keep listing your ideas for L.A. band/street name ideas in the comments.