Project Pico

Over the last 45 years I’ve slowly been amassing my knowledge of Pico Boulevard. At present I am at a rank of Pico Mage. Believe me when I say that I aspire to one day become Master of Pico. Could you please answer the following brief questionnaire, either via comment section or to project-pico -at-

1) What is your favorite establishment on Pico Blvd?
2) How often do you find yourself driving on Pico – Daily? More than once Daily? Weekly? Hourly? Etc (Bus Drivers: Please indicate you are a bus driver in some fashion for follow-ups)
3) What is your favorite time of day to say the word, ’Pico’ ?
4) Would you like to be contacted and/or quoted regarding topical Pico Blvd information, products and services?

Rae’s (2901 Pico Blvd.)