This is a photo of a cup of coffee at Phillippe.

Just to build your suspense.

It is a decent photo, but really nothing special. Yes?

Damn those pickles look good. Damn it.

Did you know? You can get a cup of coffee for 9cents at Phillippe.

Presenting The Winner of Saturday’s Big Night Out On The Town…after the jump!

CONGRATULATIONS to Contestant #2!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Contestant #2 has been chosen, democratically, by your votes. You made this happen, and you should be proud of yourself. Leave work an hour early today. You’ve earned it.

It was a dead heat at the top of the evening, but a few emailed votes pushed Contestant #2 over the line for a solid win.

We do wish all of our finalists a very happy Valentine’s Day. May you awaken to find 60 txtmsgs regarding Manowar and which type of milk to buy at the supermarket crammed into your respective cellphones.

Enjoy your weekend, voters. And check back next week for both participants’ point/counter-point writeup of the Losanjealous Valentine’s Escort Service!