Midnight Club: Los Angeles Coming to Xbox, PS3 in ’08

Finally, our fair city is getting the illegal street racing video game it deserves. On the heels of news that LA is a Top 10 road rage city (#5), comes news today that San Diego-based Rockstar Games has announced the 4th installment of it’s popular Midnight Club street racing series… Midnight Club: Los Angeles! (Emphasis mine!)


Since the game is not due until ’08, we have ample time to fantasize which freeways and streets they will digitally render for maximum extreme maximum driving. Personally, I’m looking forward to taking the 10-110 northbound on-ramp at 270 MPH in a Ducati GT1000, flying off the rails of the 405 onto the Sepulveda pass in a Gemballa Porsche and driving right up to the front door of the Getty, and blazing down Olympic from Bundy to Fig in about 12 minutes in a Lamborghini Murciélago. Or maybe even jump a Kawasaki Ninja on Manchester, right through the aperture of the big Randy’s Donut.


Of course, our Shittiest Intersections of LA must be included. (Rockstar Games: We are available to consult, so hit us up.)

So which LA roads are you most looking forward to burning up–in video game form? What LA details must be digitized and included?

And, because I’m sure it will be the first thing out of your mouths, let me just check “Picking up trannies on Santa Monica Blvd” off your list right away.