Black Angels & Vietnam @ Troubadour, 6/1/07

’Vietnam’If Jesus had a band, it would be called Vietnam. If Jesus played guitar, he would have been at the Troubadour Fri. night, opening up for the Black Angels. It’s not that Vietnam played to any bible thumpers that might be in the audience Nay. Lead sing J(esus)oshua Grubb and his band of disciples fit the physical description of God’s homeboy to a “T”. It was kind of eerie. I mean, I’m Jewish and it was kind of eerie. In fact, I was so distracted by the likeness that I didn’t even internalize any of the music. I’m sure it was inspiring.

On to the Black Angels, though. They certainly know how to throw down, whether you were on ’shrooms (see dialogue below) or you were actually from the 60’s, (as some in the audience surely were), it was hard not to appreciate the driving, pulsating rock that them Austin-based Angels manage to achieve.


’Black ’Black

Still, in as much as they rocked and rolled, the show seemed to lack some magic their last show at the Troub offered. “Young Men Dead,” usually a show-stopping, fire-brand of a song seemed to drag on without so much as an exertion of sweat from lead singer Alex Maas. Additionally, the band seemed somewhat out of focus. Technical difficulties near the beginning of the set aside, confusion rang out from some corners of the audience when a sitar made an appearance, only to sit upright, never to be played and taken off the stage. Using a sitar with their sultry sounds would have taken the to the next level and transfix those not already in an altered state.


Overall, though, an average Black Angels show was better, I’m sure, than what the Troub offered the next night. Besides the music, the evening offered ample amounts of entertainment, including this gem that happened on both sides of me.

Stoned Lady O’ Troubadour: Hey [to keyboardist], you rock.

Well Intentioned Not Stoned Man: Her name is Jennifer

SLOT: ooooh. You raaawk Jennifer. Is that you? [pointing to the drum set picture]

[She smiles, shakes her head.]

WINSM: I think that’s Nico.

SLOT: Ooooh. You’re funny.

WINSM: From Velvet Underground.

SLOT: HA HA HA HA. You got to hear what this guy said.

She left. Not sure she made it back. Anywhere.