Consumer Goods Review: Kirkland Tortilla Strips

’KirklandItem: Kirkland Signature Tortilla Strips, Manufactured by Mission.

Size: 48 oz (3 lb)

Height: Roughly 3.5 4.5″ mini John Wooden figurines (pictured at lower left)

Where purchased: Costco (Van Nuys)

Price paid: $2.99 (plus 8.25% tax)

Review: These “restaurant style strips” are a solid new entrant in the retail chip category. Salted with sea salt and gluten free, this latest Costco offering merges the comforting brand recognition of Mission with the bulk size value of the Kirkland name. For less than $1 a pound, chip eaters are getting a quality chip. I tend to prefer a round chip for dipping, with a triangular chip as my second option, but this quadrilateral “strip” chip is surprisingly well suited for dipping of blended salsas and your less chunky guacamoles. The lengthier rectangular ones are particularly conducive to double- and–dare I say– triple-dipping. This commendable functionality is matched with a pleasing earthy texture and palatable taste, a hearty corn with a soupçon of lime. A slam dunk for chip lovers everywhere.