Anticipating The Mozzer With Baited Breath

MozAre you going? Who’s going!? Headcount via comments, please! I’ve been talking this one up all week. “It’ll be flametastic!” say I to [redacted] with baited breath. “Everybody there will look like Morrissey. You can’t believe the sight. Huge pompadours. Hey there’s Morrissey! No…There He Is! Etc. The fragrant scent of CK One will hang heavy in the night air above the bowl like never before. They’ll be throwing gladiolas and slipping fond love notes to the stage, all the while Steven Morrissey will never ever give them the time of day, prancing back and forth taunting the elusive Julia.

Julia, get me out of this mess! Save me, Julia…Where are you, Julia? Oh there you are.”

Thing is I really don’t even like the new album. Sacrilige? Possibly. All due respect to Tony Visconti. Hey, The Man Who Sold The World is one of the greatest albums ever given to mankind. But this ain’t it. After “I Will See You In Far Off Places” (track one) it is frankly time to turn it off and put on something like Vauxhall or Quarry.

Sweet Jesus I can’t wait for Friday. Who’s going!? Look us up. We’ll be in section [redacted], row [redacted], seats [redacted] and [redacted].

Of note:

  • No alcohol allowed inside this Friday eve. Food baskets ok. Smuggle accordingly.
  • Photo requests denied via artist rep. Respect. And/or smuggle accordingly.