Suggested $139.50 Itinerary for 06/07/2007

little joy
Sitting around with $139.50 to burn this eve? Night owl, might I suggest that you proceed immediately to the intersection of Echo Park and Sunset. Given your budget, I recommend the following itinerary:

  • Park in one of the lots behind Jensen, off Sunset. Rest assured your car will be ’watched’ thoroughly by the homeless lady with the fake Echo security jacket and flashlight, provided you kick some scratch her way.
  • Gaze at the façade of Sea Level Records and marvel at its Comic Sans tenacity while you still can.
  • Meal #1: Hit up the taco truck across the side street from Jensen Rec.
  • Go to the Echo. Mice Parade billed with Tom Brosseau will be tough to top for an introspective Thursday. Icelandic noisecrafter Kira Kira sounds pretty damn interesting, too. Consider getting there early and tuck in for a full night of music.
  • Time permitting, enjoy pastis apéritif at Taix lounge.
  • Meal #2: It should now be ~1am. Get a baconwrapped. Trust that it will make itself available to you. This photo was captured via RAZR™ outside the Echo at 1am:
  • Proceed immediately to Little Joy (pictured at top; stellar capture by Rachel Carr)
  • Drink eight glasses of straight whiskey
  • Last call! Get two more whiskeys
  • Meal #3: Proceed to Brite Spot. Gravy time.
  • Sleep it off in your car.
  • 6am: Wake up! You’re sleeping in a car in echo park, fool! Go to Chango. Get a coffee. Fool!

Time Commitment: 9.5 hours (9pm-630am)
Estimated Cost: $139.50
Breakdown: $2 homeless parking kickback, $2 two tacos, $15 echo door this eve, $25 drinks @ echo, $7 pastis @ Taix + tip, $2 baconwrapped, $70 ten top shelf whiskeys + tip @ Little Joy, $15 Third Meal Extravaganza + tip @ Brite Spot, $1.50 coffee @ Chango