BREAKING: Stallone To Rock Tiny West Side Stage TONIGHT

No plans this eve? GET THEE THE FUCK TO RAE’S BAR. An inside source close to Frank Stallone offers up the following tidbit:

Alright. It’s official.
The Frank Stallone Band is playing at:

10939 Venice Blvd
LA, CA 90034

Tonight Tuesday July 17 at 9pm

Never been to Rae’s? Critics agree: The pull of Rae’s is an intangible which must be experienced firsthand…

…next thing you know, you’re talking to Lothar the German bartender, putting $2 into the jukebox even though you know you’ve passed last call and know you’ll never hear your selections, and talking to some crazy guy who’s just casually mentioned to you and your friend that he’s been both in the military and to prison. It’s that kind of place.

…I still can’t get a grasp of what is going on in this place. I saw a lot of aging drunk ladies and nondescript guys watching sports. Based on the stage, I think there are live bands that play there on the weekends, but I couldn’t find a calendar anywhere.

The reader who makes it out to Rae’s and sends us the best review of the Frank Stallone Band’s latest tiny stage gig wins a 3-cd prize package from the Losanjealous music library. You have been duly tasked. Although not mandatory, photos would be the icing on the cake.