Stallone Slated To Slay Selective Seating of Sumatra Swillers, Scone Swallowers


LOSANJEALOUS (Losanjealous) :: Via the anonymous tip wire today comes the as-yet-unconfirmed news that Frank Stallone (brother and esteemed sparring partner to the one and-only pudding-slinging thespian Sylvester) will rock the UnUrban Coffee Shop on Pico Boulevard Tuesday evening, July 10, with full Frank Stallone Band™ in tow.

The anonymous inside source also advises this will not be the first time the Stallone-infused grouping will have mounted the miniature stage at UnUrban of late, having last taken the wee stage June 26. The band was further spotted at Cinema Bar in Culver City last weekend, in part of what appears at surface to be an extensive tour of the tiniest stages on the west side of Los Angeles. Catch the act now while it’s still being polished: Come Labor Day, Stallone takes the dogs and ponies all the way to Atlanta for Dragon Con.

Dragon Con.

For the love of god somebody please turn out tomorrow, snap a few quality photos and review the gig for us. We are begging you.