Northeast Welcomes New Taco-Infused Blog

’york’With a masthead stylistically reminiscent of veteran neighblog Franklin Avenue, the Higland Park-based York Boulevard made a modest entrance into the neighborhood blog realm earlier this month. I was introduced to the site after being forwarded an article entitled Top 10 Street Food Vendors. The site offers a brief mission statement, uncredited to any author:

YORK BLVD. is a blog dedicated to Highland Park and it’s residents. The North East is the best part of L.A. and we’re here to spread the love.

It is always refreshing to find a dedicated, hyper-localized blog in Los Angeles. Here’s hoping the efforts eventually grow into something authoritative regarding Highland Park.

Regarding that aforementioned street vendor list, however: Though it is comforting to see façade favorite Rambo’s Tacos and sporadically available vampiros vendor Tacos Sinaloa get respective nods, I am personally puzzled as to the placement of Estrella in the top slot. Why does everybody like this place so much? Personal repeated late-night attempts at the al pastor offering (York/54th locale) left much to be desired, to say the least. I have photo documentation, but the mushy concoction was so god-awful that I pulled the plug on the planned review. Worse, the location’s smaller copycat vendor offers a similarly bad copycat pastor. (Note historic, topical Estrella pastor comment action from Losanjealous’ inaugural commenter of the month Pete here.)

All pastors aside, let us welcome York Blvd into an online street-meat blogging fraternity of sorts, helmed by a godfather whose voice has been conspicuously absent in recent months. (Seriously Bandini where the fuck are you. Your site format has been jacked for months.)

Coincidentally, fellow reliable street-meat gurgitators at LA Taco have posted a review of La Estrella this very morning. Could be I’m ordering the wrong dish; somebody set me straight.