Bruin B-Ball Report: Hair Follies

It’s early in the season, but an intervention needs to be staged. A style intervention. No, I’m not referring to Russell Westbrook’s “flaming mohawk”:


Best leave attempts at understanding the psychology behind his dome adornment to trained mental health professionals.

No, I am referring now to Kevin Love’s–heretofore refered to as “K. Love” in perpetuity, barring any future Mata-Real-style surname appendages–and his pencil-thin 3-in-1 sideburns/beard/Van Dyke facial hair:


Sure, he’s putting up amazing numbers right out of the gate–18 and 16 just last night–but while doing so, he has to make sure to look good.

Kevin. This is big time NC2A hoops. You’re from Santa Monica and you’re playing in Hollywood now. You should know better. You’ve got to get it done on the hardwood in style.

Listen, I groove to Al B. Sure as much as the next guy. “Nite and Day” is on heavy rotation on my iPod Touch. But that doesn’t mean I want to look like him and neither should you:


Before you know it, this look gets away from you and, next thing you know, you’re sporting manhole cover shades and a hoop earing and looking like that guy from Color Me Badd. You know which guy. This guy:


And nobody wants to see that.

When you’re shaking David Stern’s hand at the NBA Draft in about 7 months, you’ll thank us for the advice.