DF’s V-day Weekend Advice (Hint: LA Derby Dolls V-day Bout @ the Doll Factory this Saturday)

OK, readers, these desperate e-mails to DF asking for V-day weekend suggestions must end. “Bald pate—no date!” “Must impress mate or suffer sad fate!” “Full of self-hate—plan to stay at home and masturbate!” Enough! While the implication that I am a source of sage wisdom is rather flattering and not entirely inaccurate, I am not, repeat NOT, an advice columnist. I can only relate my own personal Valentinesque plans. So in the interest of full disclosure, and at the risk of stating the obvious, let it be known that DF will be spending this Saturday eve at the LA Derby Dolls’ HQ in Historic Filipinotown.

Why? Well, partly because I’m hoping to run into Cory Aquino, Imelda Marcos, or any of the other historic Filipinos who call the area home. I love those bitches. But mostly because there’s going to be an ass-whooping match between the 2007 season champion Sirens and the undefeated-in-2008-albeit-through-only-a-single-game-which- makes- “undefeated” -a-bit-misleading Tough Cookies. Yes, readers, DF is always where the love is at. You are free to follow suit by purchasing derby tix here. But please, no stalking.
Dolls await the whistle

Photo (C) 2008 Boss Hogg. All rights reserved.

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