El Bordello Alexandra Now Has A Centaur

I do not know when the Centaur first arrived in Venice Beach. I do know that He is there now, and He is on the rooftop. To be sure, we’ve a not inconsiderable number of large-scale additions newly assembled and clamoring for the unsuspecting pedestrian’s eyeball atop El Bordello Alexandra. Witness: an additional fleet of gargoyles (now with more evil!); a ridiculous-looking Neptune with a merman’s body, trident and two chained beasts approximating dolphins; a pair of uncomfortably large devils threatening to encroach on the neighbor’s roof, a few scattered knights-in-armor…they are all so much noise, for the life-sized*, heavily-armed, Son-of-God-faced and abs-of-bronze inclusive Centaur is the clearcut breadwinner, and at this point it is evident the owner is now merely trying to one-up himself, having laid to waste all external competition long ago. A daunting task, but I feel confident in saying the body of work at 20 Westminster is far from finished.

Your Centaur closeup after the jump. (Four arrows!)

*Centaur is life-sized. The “horse half” portion of the traditional “half man, half horse” beast spotted on the roof of this Westminster complex is a rare emaciated miniature pony varietal. Also: Somehow this asshole has 10-pack abs.

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