Tastemakers Congregate, Make Taste

Tastemakers Congregate, Make Taste

Reports are trickling in from TasteTV.com on the first ever New Media Tastemakers Summit which was held on May 2nd at Supperclub, San Francisco.

Photo of Tastemakers Congregating, Making Taste by Alicia Lin via TasteTV.com

TasteTV.com sends the enthusiastic report:

Not only were the panels great, the networking was as well. Plus, we came away with some incredible insights and buzz words, like Donna Boyer of Danoo introducing the concept of “micro-boredom” to help explain the acceptance of digital video networks at gas stations, cafes, restaurants and mobile devices (we can’t stand being bored for even 10 seconds). Also, Sylvie Gayot of Gayot.com’s insightful comment that the ’United States was not really known as a food and wine paradise until only 20 years ago,’ helping to explain our current newfound obsession with the subject. This followed by the lively “Bottom Line” discussion on making money and raising money – a topic none of us can afford to overlook.

The tastemakers who congregated to make taste included:

Burst Media – Kelsey Scott, Chow.com – Davina Baum, Bhootan – Kristin Hawley Dossetti, LA.com – R Jason Middleton, Foodbuzz.com – Doug Collister, Like.com – Azhar Khan, Stylehive.com – Sabrina Yeung, Boulevards City Guide Network / SFStation.com – Harlow F. Newton III, Boorah.com – Boorah.com, Turnhere – Andrew Kaplan, Youtube – Sadia Harper, Gayot.com – Sophie Gayot, Sugar Publishing (FabSugar, YumSugar.com) – Danny Feekes, Fashiontribes.com – Lesley Scott-Silbergeld, Somagirls.tv / Soma Management – EC Morgan, Metromix (Tribune-Gannett) – Kara Walsh, Kickapps – Cameron Shaw, Zinio – Jeanniey Mullen, Intercasting Corp – Derrick Oien, Danoo – Donna Boyer, Fanpop – Dave Lu, Reality Digital – Cynthia Francis, FutureWorks – Brian Solis, Yelp – Sonia McFarland, Federated Media – Bernie Albers, Tilzy.tv – Jamison Tilsner, Zvents.com – Paul O’Brien, 7×7 Magazine / Hartle Media – Lindsey Shook, SF Convention & Visitors Bureau – Lynn Bruni, Smart Mobs/the Long Now Foundation – Stephanie Gershon, TasteTV – a.k. crump.

Topics discussed at the Summit ranged from panels titled:

“Influencing & Following Consumer Tastes in a Digital World: The New Players, The New Paradigms, The New Moguls,” and “Traditional Media: Embracing Digital Strategies to Viably Evolve” to “The Rise of TasteMaker Content and Distribution,” “Social Networks and Broadband Platforms,” and “Profitable Branding & Marketing: – Leveraging Influencer Buzz at the Local Level.”

And lastly, but not leastly:

Summit food included the SUPPERCLUB LUNCH prepared by Chef Guus:
*avocado mousse with eatern flavored salmon and asian chips,
*crab salad with lemongrass vinagrette and sesame chile tuile,
*belgin endive with truffled chicken and basil reduction jus,
*bruschetta with aubergine caviar, arugula salad, feta, and tomato compote