Are You Following the Right Kogi?

Are You Following the Right Kogi?

kogiogiYour camp maintains the phony twitter feeds from washed-up celebrities, movie characters and inanimate objects are the jokes of yesterday. Our camp disagrees, cut from the cloth of the devout followers of John Kreese (as scripted by Paul Scheer). Still, we sit and sup daily, side by side on twitter, unequivocally agreeing that tweets from the Kogi BBQ Truck occupy a special, indescribable, sacred place within the psyche of today’s wired Los Angeles foodie. Things have been more or less balanced within the kogiverse, once we accepted and acknowledged that fact. When Phony Kogi showed up on the playground one day and thousands of people begin following his feed, we had questions, naturally. Are all of the thousands of followers in on the joke, over at fake Kogi feed? If so – or, more importantly, if not – where did they come from? The legitimate Kogi feed has less than 9,000 followers at press time. Where and how might a lawsuit be filed, based solely on text characters? Would that be defamation of text character? (“They used our trademarked capital “L” trick, so we sued for infringement…”) And just what is Phony Kogi’s beef, is he sick of the overhype of the original Kogi? Disgruntled ex-employee? Jealous competitor? Just bored? How long until Phony Kogi gets pulled? Will he get pulled? Are there twitter police? What twitter expert out there can tell me how this stuff plays out, or if it does? Help. Also, who cares. Let us all enjoy a hand-picked basket of tweets from Phony Kogi at this time:

New special for Lent: Anyone willing to wait 40 minutes for their food will get 5% off.
12:19 AM Mar 4th from web

is at Terminal 6 LAX you’ll luv our Venice Alley Kimchi Quesadilla
8:19 PM Feb 24th from web

We’ve just added a third truck. Dubbed ’Negro’ this 60ft semi-trailer truck is big and black with supplies to satisfy multiple customers.
8:19 PM Feb 23rd from web

If you’ve been wondering about all the capital L’s in the feed, we dropped our Treo in the lime relish and it just hasn’t been the same.
7:19 PM Feb 23rd from web

SigAlert 101: We just lost a 55 gallon drum of marinade out the back.
9:19 PM Feb 20th from web

Just arrived at our new stop 5th and San Julian downtown. Wow, what a crowd! Looks like many of them camped overnight.
11:36 AM Feb 20th from web

Some sketchy dude in a Volga keeps following us, seems to be operating a cocktail lounge out of his trunk
12:19 AM Feb 15th from web

Finally, entry #1 seems to have set the tone:

Just got harassed again; can’t believe LAPD doesn’t realize we’re not Mexican
12:36 PM Feb 13th from web

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