That’s OK–You Couldn’t Afford Us and We Weren’t Interested Anyway

LA Observed is posting news that The Huffington Post has sent around feelers to various Los Angeles area bloggers to pen LA-centric content for a new “HuffPost LA” column. Losanjealous did not make the cut. Maybe they haven’t really trolled our 4+ year archive and peeped the wide range of LA-centric classic posts, such as the Lincoln Blvd Cock Car, The Secret In-N-Out Menu, or The Busiest Taco Truck In Town or Mr. T Visits Neverland Ranch. Not to mention Bill DeMarco’s LA.

Roderick has the full text of their invite e-mail over there but here’s the generic core of it, the usual LA boilerplate:

A key element of HuffPost LA will be a group blog where some of Southern California’s most knowledgeable and creative minds weigh in on everything that makes Los Angeles such a diverse and unique city. Any subject is fair game, from state and city politics to cultural and business trends to the local sports teams. From the beaches to the desert, Michelin-starred restaurants to taco trucks, the Staples Center to Disneyland, the Lakers to the Dodgers, USC to UCLA, our bloggers will cover all aspects of life in Los Angeles.

Fishbowl LA snickers over this amusing bit: “As always, there are no deadlines or quotas.” Really? No deadlines or quotas for unpaid, free contributions? A veritable bargain!

We have a suggestion for a graphic they can use for HuffPost LA that conveys the LA radtitude they are looking for: A cartoon sun–wait for it–WEARING SUNGLASSES!

Regardless, we’re all looking forward to reading content from “the most knowledgeable and creative minds weigh(ing) in on everything that makes Los Angeles such a diverse and unique city.”