Stillerstrong and Architechture for Humanity eBay Signed Memorabilia Auction for Haiti Schools

COBMan, I’ve been outbid for the STILLERSTRONG Conan O’Brien signed headband. Odd that CoCo’s–sorry, can’t stop with the “CoCo,” even though I know he hates it–item is more than double Tom Cruise’s current bid, you’d think Cruise would be the bigger autograph get, but then such is the devotion of Conan’s fanbase, which of course NBC flushed away and will regret. Also on auction: Pee-wee Herman and Robin Williams signed headbands, as well as a Max Weinberg signed (and worn) Speedo–seriously–and 5 pairs of Laker/Nuggets game tickets that might be fairly priced, currently hovering around $300/ticket, factoring in a seat in a box suite and a chance at hangin’ with Mr. Stiller.

Working with Architecture for Humanity, funds raised through this auction will be used to build temporary schools in place of the schools destroyed in the earthquake. Get in on the bidding action here.

First auction ends little before 5 pm today.