Los Angeles in Las Vegas: Pink’s Hot Dogs


Walking north on the east side of Las Vegas Blvd, it was a bit surreal to happen upon the newish Las Vegas outpost of Pink’s Hot Dogs. Something like a funhouse mirror of our own local institution, Pink’s LV is basically a door on the front facade of Planet Hollywood. However, there is a nice sized self-seating area, right on the boulevard, welcome on this stretch of busy street.

There is a line to place your order, but it is short, moves fast and–crucially–does not run parallel to the food preparation itself, as it does here on La Brea, denying you that anticipatory glimpse for personal reckoning prior to ordering. How many of our orders have been altered at the last minute (for the better or for the worse) as we peer through the glass as the workers slap that together an order for those ahead of us on that final stretch to the cashier.

Needless to say, there is no “come on in” after you place the order; you’re already in, “in” being mostly a small corridor with a counter where your order appears (promptly) and a self-service Pepsi fountain.


The menu is the familiar artery-squeezing mix, burrito dogs, Guadelajara dogs, the burgers no one orders. It seems to have all the core of O.G. Pink’s though our local celeb-named variations have been dropped. No “Huell Howser” or “Lord of the Rings” dogs here. And of course, being Vegas, there are beer, margarita and hard lemonade options (the later of which can be served in a ridiculous array of over-sized, over-priced novelty cups). I opted for a basic chili cheese and Pepsi. As you see, foot-long is the default. What to say about the dog? The chili mostly was mostly the same as it does here, if a bit more smooth and gelatinous from being served a bit cold, as was the frank itself. Satisfying, but in all honesty, not a remarkable snack. But then many trips to Pink’s here have been just as unremarkable, even when satisfying.

Their “Wall of Fame” is just getting started. I didn’t write down the names of those few already hanging and can’t really make out the autographs, but you can tell just in looking at the photos, even at this shitty resolution, these are some E-list pseudo-celebs. I think Miss America was one of them.


All in all, Pink’s LV doesn’t do any damage to the brand and reputation. I don’t know that it is going to send any first-timers from, say, the Midwest, home raving but it is a more than serviceable outpost.