Lost, Season 6, Episode 3: “What Kate Does”–Just a Few General Complaints, Not a Full Recap


Where can I get one of those poison pills? I am this close to checking out on this thing.

So Sayid needs to die because he has been “claimed” with the “sickness” or some such crap? And they learn this by strapping him up to some junkyard brain shocking contraption? And Claire comes back as Rousseau, another wild jungle woman with a rifle? COME on.

Of course, I know to raise gripes at this point, after all that has transpired these past 5 years, is just ridiculous.

I think what I’m more interested in is their lives after all this island crap resolves. Consider this my pitch for an AfterLOST show. (Remember AfterMASH?) I’ll write the pilot. It’ll be a 3-camera sitcom with a laugh track. Who wouldn’t watch that?