Non-News: Hints of Belle & Sebastian Activity, Recording New Material, Live Apperances

B & SPassing along some non-news from one of the 1,575 band pages my WebUpdateTracker2000 is constantly tracking.

The splash page at is updated today with a hint at an announcement of some upcoming live appearances. Probably U.K. or European late summer festivals, but who knows. Given the glacial pace at which these guys move, I’ll take any sign of activity is positive.

There’s also this crumb in their Q&A section:

From: Daniel
Q.Whats the status and epected release date of he newest album?

A. we had our first day back to work today. we might be setting ourselves up for a fall to go announcing a release date at this early stage…

Sarah – 02/02/10

So basically we’re looking at 2011 before we get anything Stateside. Never mind, carry on.

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