Game Back On–Gagne Rejoins Dodgers

GangneMixed feelings over the Dodgers picking up Eric Gagne for a minor league deal.

Didn’t really think we needed another arm at the back of the rotation and, as good as it would be good to see him in the Blue again for pure nostalgia, he’s obviously not the thrower he used to be, chemically enhanced or not.

If he’s here for middle relief and mop-up duty only, it just won’t have that same feeling when he trots out of the bullpen as it did in 2003.

It won’t be “GAME OVER” any longer, but more like “Game Being Held Until We Can Get To Broxton in the 9th” or “Game Lost Beyond Hope So Let’s Save Our Better Arms Until Tomorrow.” Instead of “Welcome to the Jungle,” we’ll have to find him a new signature tune. Maybe Tom Petty’s “The Waiting.”