Decemberists @ The Wiltern, This Saturday 2/12--Sold Out--Win a Ticket

Decemberists @ The Wiltern, This Saturday 2/12–Sold Out–Win a Ticket

ColinDoing this one little different. This is to win single individual tickets, one of which will be express mailed to you. Maybe you’re the lagger of your group and your friends already have tix. Or maybe you want to go solo and to make a new friend. Whatever the case, here’s your shot.

*Include a full name a daytime mailing address.

Found a few nice old Decemberists pieces in the archive if anyone cares to flashback:
2009 Treasure Island Festival: The Decemberists, Grizzly Bear & More
SXSW ’09: The Decemberists @ Stubb’s
Decemberists Triumph At The Bowl
The Decemberists at the Wiltern, 10/21/06