Shepard Fairey: The Pre-Obama Years

Ok kids, this photo recalls an erstwhile moderately active wall at the corner of Santa Monica and Virgil circa 2004. The corner here used to be home to the famed Jayburger shack. Jay’s Jayburgers was the place to end your night of revelry in Silver Lake, and many a drunken grizzled hipster ended up here scarfing down an egg-topped cholesterol timebomb come 2am. It’s true. The next time you go out to a bar, look for the oldest alcoholic in the place and ask him about Jayburger, but back to topic. Whenever he wasn’t throwing redbull-and-vodka sponsored DJ parties and art openings in his space next to the Wiltern, Shepard stayed hard at work ’round town. Here we see Angela Davis next to Andre. I also spy the remaining tops of a few Robbie Conal anti-Iraq War posters. The wall itself is not really visible at all now, due to the construction of an incredibly ugly building some years back (helpful Google street view reference map below). Whee!, memory.