Record Surplus: Now Over on Santa Monica Blvd.

Record Surplus
So this news is at least a couple of months old, but I would like to point out that Record Surplus, fine Westside purveyors of used CDs, vinyl and media miscellany, formerly over on Pico Blvd., is now over on Santa Monica Blvd., at Centinela Ave.

They’ve brought along with them one of the more curious assortments of dusty used vinyl stacks–particularly heavy on vocals and classical–and a wide range of hit and miss media detritus in formats spanning the decades: CDs, VHS tapes, laser discs, used books, old magazines, cassette tapes. You will be glad to know that “The Attic”–a subgroup of strictly $1 items; i.e., Loverboy LPs–survived the move, though it is now a little penned off area at the front, rather than the literal upstairs attic at the former Pico Blvd. spot. They maintain their innovative pricing strategy that results in sales totals of even dollars when tax is applied.

Record Surplus

How this particular shop has stayed in business in the current climate with their yard sale hodgepodge while even managing to pull off a move to a large, clean, arguably higher profile new space, is baffling, though in many ways comforting and reassuring. Now, I’m not saying the shop is a front for some other, unsavory business going on in the back, but I’m not not saying it. Of course I could attempt to interview the proprietors, but it’s always more fun to speculate recklessly.

So be sure to visit Record Surplus while your car is being worked on at Santa Monica Volvo Saab right across Santa Monica Blvd.