Laguna Beach Hit With Landslide

Laguna Beach Hit With Landslide


And lo, Mother Earth hath once again has smitten the hubris-laden who dare to build upon her dangerous precipices. Laguna Beach is the site of the most recent eruption of Southern California’s geological wrath, as more than a dozen homes were sent sliding down a hillside, some of them still intact as they decended. Much has been written and drawn about the myriad natural disasters that plague Southern California–fires, earthquakes, mudslides, floods, locusts, and so on. Be sure, we take no joy when harm comes to our little sister county of Orange. That would be like laughing at an ugly baby–just not right. Following Jesus’s path, we aim to love the sinner and hate the sin.


For Area TV News editors only:

To demonstrate that a “blog” can indeed be of legitimate journalistic value, we offer to you, free of charge, the following helpful advice to enhance this evening’s disaster coverage. You should obtain the following 2 pieces of video:

Soundbite 1, The Stubborn Stay-Put Resident: “We’ll just rebuild and stay here. It’s such a beautiful place to live. We’ve lived our whole lives here.”

Soundbite 2, The ‘I’m Outta Here’ Ex-resident (usually videoed while loading a dog into trailer hitch): “We’re outta here. This time, it’s too bad to rebuild. We’re headed for solid ground.”