Stallone To Punch, Sign Books At Grove Barnes and Gravy

You still haven’t bought ’Sly Moves’ and you call yourself an angeleno. When he runs for office, I will be saying I told you so. Cheer up my friend, for you are in for a great read soon. According to his official website:

“Your next opportunity to meet Sly and get a signed copy of the book is Saturday, June 11, 2005, 16:00pm,BARNES & NOBLE #2089, 189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90036.”

Publishers Weekly raves:
“…certain sections are puzzling (e.g., Stallone says, “forget StairMaster, it’s a waste of effort,” yet the accompanying photo shows a woman poised on one of those very machines).”

For what it’s worth, I recommend the following schedule for your Grovy afternoon:
3pm: Park at the grove.
315pm: Get in line to meet Sly Stallone. In event of absence of line, become the front of the line.
4pm: Meet Stallone. Buy Book(s).
415pm: Sit in corner of Barnes and Gravy and read entire book.
5pm (+- three hours based on reading level): Get back in line. In event of absence of line, become the front of the line.
505pm: Discuss book with Stallone with your ’just finished reading’ perspective.
515pm: Annoy Stallone by shifting conversation gears and bringing up Oscar
6pm: Go to Crate and Barrel. Look at wine glasses. Leave without buying anything.
620pm: Make for the farmer’s market. Get nervous because you see Sly and Frank Stallone outside the Grove Theatre, and you have been talking to them all day long and you don’t want them to view you as a crazed stalker fan, which of course you are. Hide behind lady in jacket with a stroller and two kids and pretend like you don’t see them.
630pm: Buy 1/2lb. Goat Cheese @ mr. marcel.
645pm: You’re done! Get the car and go home.