Finally, More 200 Dollar Jeans from Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based model-turned-designer Paige Adams-Gellar (phew! hyphen overload!) has stepped up to address a desperate need in the marketplace for another brand of $200 jeans.

A failed actress and USC alum, Paige is a jeans model, and apparently, the jeans model for the industry–her figure was used by many designers as the basis for the cuts that normal-bodied females are torturing their bodies to stuff themselves into. Then she had the revelation that she could also make lots of cash in the high margin jeanswear game. Her new line follows in the large footsteps of the Vernon-based (Vernon!) 7 Jeans, pioneers of the overpriced, overhyped local jeans market.

Paige Premium Denim looks to exploit the high-end pants market with a distinctly local twist–varieties of her jeans come with cute names like “Little Santa Monica Crop,” “Mulholland Drive Twill Trouser” and “Laurel Canyon 5 Pocket” (the favorite style of that sitcom actress whose movie star husband left her for that movie actress). Here is an insanely detailed analysis of the differences of the cuts and fabrics. Sporting these at the Beverly Coffee Bean is sure to help land you an extra role in a mansion party scene on Entourage.