Plans Unveiled to Transform Figueroa Corridor From Figurative Car Lot To Literal One

felix chevroletLA Downtown News reports on a proposal to bring 11 car dealerships to the Figueroa Corridor by 2006.

The project, called the “Downtown Auto Center,” would lie on a triangular portion of land bounded by Figueroa Street, the 110 Freeway and the 10 Freeway. The development is modeled after suburban auto malls and could increase the number of dealerships in the area from the current four to 11.

The 11 dealerships would still pale in comparison to the 27 within the Cerritos Auto Square. To steal a bigger slice of the LA auto mall pie, Downtown Auto Center will need two things: 1) a catchier jingle–the bar’s pretty low with “Take the 605 to South Street, Cerritos Auto Square!” and 2) a stronger spokesperson–fortunately Jim “Ernest” Varney and Super Dave Osborne shouldn’t be tough to top.