Photo Op: DVD Hawker

adultos. dvds. 2 for $10. 1 for $6.This week’s choice pixel grouping comes to us courtesy an adult DVD retailer on Broadway near 8th in the historic core. What bothers and excites us the most about this photo…is it the cultural insensitivity and shopkeeper’s gall to actually use one of those archaic and taboo cigar box indians in the first place? Is it the fact that on top of that, he’s using it to hawk adult DVDs? Is it the fact that if you purchase two adult DVD titles, you can get them for $5 each but one alone will cost you $6? Mayhap it is the fact that my sister can be seen in the distance underneath the ’DETOX’ sign, waiting impatiently to be shown Clifton’s Cafeteria? Or is it in fact the fact that despite the fact that the centerpiece of the photo is advertising t-shirts, he remains shirtless? Draw your own conclusions. Me, I’m just angry at this guy for flashing me the ’hang loose’ sign and standing around with no shirt in this heatwave as if it were no big deal.

Bonus photo:
Clifton’s nachos coagulate quickly