Moz Angeles No More

Morrissey, the English pop icon, has put his Hollywood Hills home on the market. For the last decade or so, Moz has called L.A. his primary residence (and a swell tax dodge). His L.A. period, roughly bracketted by his classic “Vauxhall & I” and the spotty “You Are the Quarry” LPs, has been marked by an explosion of his Latino fanbase and saw Moz grow increasingly comfortable with his celebrity status. His musical output slowed to a trickle while he wrangled with record label redtape, but he regularly brought out his steadfast fans with local tours and a well-received Coachella performance. He was a fixture in town, often spotted in his Jaguar or on the local bar and club circuit (the Cat and Fiddle a fave) usually looking fit and well fed. It is not known whether he intends to take up another residence in town or return to dear old Blighty. If the latter is the case, surely a skint Mike Joyce will take time from selling autographs to meet him at customs and try and get those disputed Smiths royalties. Here’s to hoping he maintains some ties to this city that has embraced him. But you never know with this guy, one minute you’re in, the next minute, boom, you’re persona non grata.

While fans may want to believe this action has set in motion a secret 20-year plan to reform The Smiths, Losanjealous unfortunately must piss on those hopes, as it is known that Morrissey is currently in Rome writing and recording with Alain Whyte, his longtime collaborator, who has recently returned to the fold.

Before Los Angeles…
Before Los Angeles
…After Los Angeles
After Los Angeles

Addendum: The listing helpfully includes the address: 1498 Sweetzer, 90069. Feel free to swing by and leave your gladioli in the driveway.