Photo Op: The Lovely Drunken Crane

lovely drunken majesty

At first glance you might think this is a ridiculously boring selection for photo of the week, I mean come on, it’s a crane and you see them all over the place especially in Hollywood. Sure it’s sort of pretty with bold yellow and blue colors but big whoopty. Then you find out the reason this goddam crane made photo of the week is that as it turns out he got completely shitfaced with me the night before at an undisclosed koreatown dive bar. No fooling. This crane turned up the next day on south main between 6th and 7th, dialed me up, said “dude where the hell am I” and we both had a good laugh about the night before. Oh those drunken koreatown nights.

Besides being a heavy drinker he is very resilient, apparently boasting a 70 ton carrier mount, independant rear steering, multi-variable counterweight (hey speaking of! i needed a counterweight on my turntable just last week) rated to 18,000 lbs with 138’ main boom, 31-56’ jib offset to 24 or 45 degrees 202’ max tip height and 160’ max radius.

Bonus photo
Channel the tower sis