On the LAm: Crystal Dawn Vigil

On the LAm: Crystal Dawn Vigil

FOTWName: Crystal Dawn Vigil
Alias: Goofy
Height: 5’5″
Weight: 145 pounds
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Wanted For: Murder
Weapon: Physical Presence

How does one defeat Crystal Dawn Vigil? Her mere physical presence is enough to kill someone.

This isn’t your simple turn-to-stone-when-you-look-directly-at-Medusa deal. The Perseus shield reflection trick doesn’t work here. This is more like when Mario powers up with a Starman giving him the ability to destroy enemies by just touching them. Only Vigil can do this from close to medium range and instead of ten seconds Vigil’s invincibility is permanent.

Long-range munitions might be the way to go here. Although it’s unclear whether Crystal Dawn loses her powers post mortem.

More Info from the LAPD