Second Statue Shack Poised To Fill South-of-Wilshire Void


statue shack - la brea!A second statue shack has been recently spotted on La Brea in mid-city, south of Wilshire and slightly north of San Vicente. It is unknown at press time if this shack is affiliated with Magee’s Donuts Statue Shack on Santa Monica Boulevard. It is also unknown which shack, if either, was chosen to be the famed purveyor of David™s for the House of David™s in Hancock Park. House of David™s would clearly be a gravy account for either shack, to say the least.
At press time it remains a mystery when the southern shack opened its shack doors to the public. In fact very little is known about southern shack whatsoever. This much we do know: The location makes sense. Clearly the South-of-Wilshire area has been in need of a statue shack for some time and the clientele overlap with the original Magee’s Donuts Statue Shack should be minimal, incorporating a small gelatinous slice of Hancock Park and the Miracle Mile.

More details as they are unearthed. Until then, let’s all sing the original Magee’s Statue Shack credo:

Statue Shack! Statue Shack!
You buy-a one statue and you’ll hella-be-back!
Magee’s in your hand, you scour the goods and all the David™s
Purple Moons like charms from Lucky, seven thirty in the mornin’.