Profile: Statue Shack Outside Magee’s Donuts

I must have a thing for shacks.

Sometimes you walk out of Magee’s Donuts (6705 Santa Monica Blvd, Tinseltown, USA) with your warm croissant and cup of coffee and think to yourself, “Christ almighty isn’t it time I bought one of those tiny replicas of Michelangelo’s David™ for my front yard / desk?” At these times, and additionally at many many times which are not those times, Statue Shack is there for you. Statue Shack keeps odd, long hours for the Magee’s clientele and those in need of a 3am David™.

At press time it remains unclear if the l o o n y h o u s e in Hancock Park purchased all of their David™s at Statue Shack or not. I will interview the proprietor of Statue Shack the next time I’m making a 730am crosstown run, and update this post with any information gleaned.

Statue Shack! Statue Shack!
You buy-a one statue and you’ll hella-be-back!
Magee’s in your hand, you scour the goods and all the David™s
Purple Moons like charms from Lucky, seven thirty in the mornin’.

back at the shack

back at the shack