75 degrees

happy holidays from losanjealous

We have no snow. But we have Clifton’s Patriotic Christmas

Clifton’s patriotic holiday season

Vegas-Sized Elephants towering over that new cream puff joint [one, two] …

HH from H&H

Original Tommy’s Frosty [one, two] …


Decrepit Theatres on Broadway…


The Watercourt at California Plaza [one, two]…


House of David™s, Oki-Dog and so many, many things we wouldn’t have, had we snow. So I personally say thanks, but keep your snow. At year’s end I’m very happily surrounded by all the weird shit that can only be found in Losanjealous, California. Besides. When I really need snow, it’s close. Big Bear. Summit. Mountain High. Mammoth Lakes. 80% of the bathroom stalls in Hollywood.

Bonus snow-free photos
Cel Phone Santa, Broadway
Silly Christmas Crap, Hill St.