On the LAm: LAPD Essay Contest Poster Continuity

On the LAm: LAPD Essay Contest Poster Continuity

LAPD Essay Contest 2006File Name: pio_essay.pdf
Size: 339 KB (347,769 bytes)
Type: Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Document
Wanted For: Discontinuity

The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting its third annual essay contest for local 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. Much detailed attention is paid to contest rules and requirements but take a good look at the poster image. Zoom into the file or print the pdf and see how many inconsistencies can you find.


  • PC laptop is not compatible with Mac desktop
  • LED power indicator shows laptop isn’t turned on
  • Selected font face is Times but displayed font isn’t
  • Selected font size is 12 but displayed font is several times larger
  • Left margin not aligned with text
  • Text exceeding right margin limits

Music From JenniferBonus Points:
Did you also notice…

  • The user’s desktop is a complete trainwreck?
  • User is sharing music files with someone named Jennifer?
  • User may be into jumbotrons and weddings?

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