mavica craptastica aFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

LOSANJEALOUS, CA: Losanjealous is in immediate need of two old-man bloggers. If either you, or your father, or grandfather be 75 years of age and an active blogger, we’d like to talk to you.

We are looking to fill two 75-year-old foodblogger positions with Statler and Waldorf of the Fairfax restaurant circuit. Old-man bloggers’ first assignment will be to review the 75-cent Anniversary Meal at El Coyote [details] on Monday, 13 March 2006. One week later, old-man bloggers will journey approximately one-half mile westward to review the 75-cent Anniversary Meal at Canter’s Deli [details]. mavica craptastica aOld bloggers will then compare and contrast each 75-cent meal, ultimately giving both 75-cent meals either a praise-worthy ’75-year-old stamp of approval” or disapproving ’Crochety 75-year-old hates it’ mark of dismissal. Candidates are expected to adhere to Losanjealous style gude and be familiar with HTML. Specifically tables. 75-year-old candidates will also be expected to wax historic hot air reminiscences of the first eleven years of their lives, evoke the ’good ol’ days’ and be able to put down in words what Los Angeles was like when Western Truck Exchange had been in business for a scant twenty years.

This opportunity is ideal for septuagenarians who like to see the results of their creative work as much as they enjoy the creative process. The ideal 75-year-old candidates are self-motivated and productive; individuals who continually seek to expand their aging skillsets; desire a team atmosphere, and enjoy a fast-paced and rewarding work experience.

Candidates must be familiar with expense reports. Losanjealous will reciprocate meal cost with proof of purchase. Drinks excluded.

This is a contract-to-hire position.
Resumes submitted without samples will not be considered.
Sample submissions will not be returned!!!

Special ’bloggy shoutout’ Caroline on Crack for El Coyote tip