H&M Open For Business in LA

Everywhere I turn in this city people are abuzz about the H & M. You’d think it was donuts. “When will H&M open?” “Did you hear that H&M is coming to LA!?” “H&M is opening in Pasadena!” “H&M is opening at the Beverly Center!” “The Beverly Center is to be the location of a holy gigantic huge H&M!” “H&M is the apparel industry’s response to to the food industry’s A&W: Cheap, frosty and fantastic with a side of chili cheese fries!” “I hope the H&M lines at the H&M here won’t be as H&M bad as the H&M lines at the H&M in Union Square in San H&MFrancisco!” “Whenever I go to New York I go straight to…”

Citizens!! Put a cork in it already. They’re open for business, now, at 1050 South La Brea. Apparently they had a soft opening some years ago and have been testing the waters unannounced, ever since:

h & m! H & M!  H AND M!!!!!!!!!!!