The LosanjeaLaborDay Guide: Best Bets on Whiskey, Popcorn, Embroidered-Logo Polos

Labor / Labour Day Booze

Labor Day, oh Labor Day
September dawns anew
Birthed from fear of socialists,
G. Cleveland gave us You!

We shall sweat and steam and boil
The traffic thins; it’s nice
Were it not so fucking hot
I would not need this ice!

You there. Are you in town? Take heart. I’m in town. I haven’t left town for sixty years. I’m trapped here. Let’s us be trapped here, together, you and I. So then! I’ve just finished calling a few joints to get the rundown of where to be, when, and why tomorrow. Here we go.

The Labor Day Bar Scene In A Nutshell
Bar Address Events Scheduled Specials
The Roost 3100 Los Feliz Blvd, Atwater Village Eight hour Jerry Lewis telethon viewing party. At 4pm resident blogger Jeff Chiliburger will bestow the Atwater Kiwanis chapter with a two-page soliloquy tribute to Uriah Stephens. “Everything is a special at The Roost!” sayeth the bartender. That said, it’s tough to beat the one-two punch-up of free popcorn and $3.50 well whiskey on ice. G’head, though. Try.
The Hard Rock Cafe at the Beverly Center 8600 Beverly Blvd Local bartenders gather at 5pm to get sauced and reflect on the fact that at the time of formation, the Knights of Labour excluded stockholders and liquor manufacturers because they were considered unproductive members of society. Black logo track jackets, $45. Navy signature polos, $20. Brown Trapper “Not for sissies” hat, $30. 100% acrylic. (!!!???)
The Red Garter 2536 Lincoln Blvd, Venice Local chapter of Asian Boozehounds Against Knights of Labour Origins (ABAKOLO) meet at 6pm to discuss the fact that The Knights supported the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 and that a particularly militant branch in Tacoma actually worked to expel the city’s Chinese population. 1/2 off Bacardi “Ana” (?), sayeth the bartender.

More Labor/Labour Day Drink Specials in Special Locations:

  • Magic Johnson’s TGIFridays (6721 La Tijera) will roll out its textbook happy hour, 4-7pm.
  • The 35er (12 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena) offers its textbook happy hour. A pitcher of The King of Beers runs $8.75 until 7pm when it becomes a swarthy $10.50.
  • The GrAssHopper Lounge (Fountain at Normandie, Li’l Armenia) offers…Jesus Christ, I have no idea what they offer, I’ve been many times and I still can’t find a damn phone number for this hellhole.
  • The White Horse (1532 Western at Hollywood) offers absolutely no specials, no happy hours, and $6 well whiskeys-on-ice to chase the thai food you’ve just consumed.
  • The Bar At The Red Lobster in Torrance (21233 Hawthorne Blvd) offers The King of Beers for $4 a throw. No happy hour. Shrimp scampi for the seafood lover in you, add’l charge.

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