Swap Meet: Halloween MP3 Social this Saturday

Swap Meet: Halloween MP3 Social this Saturday

SwapDressing up like a pirate is way too obvious for this MP3 swap. I would suggest getting a whole bunch of friends dressed up like ’The Strike Team’ from the Shield and storm the joint like you’re Vic Mackey. That would be brilliant…DON’T BREAK CHARACTER…arrest everyone…maybe fake a murder. It’s Halloween…thereby completely legit to dress like a ’ho’ and(or) scare the shit out of people. The bonus here is you get to share music with all your new friends, sing Karaoke, and get bombed – in reverse order.

You all have a solid week to prep for this fantastic Superbunker Project. I personally wanted to do my Eastern European accented rendition of ’Enter Sandman’ by Metallica but it appears not to be on the list… For all you creative types this is a BYO Pumpkin party. I’ll bring…party favors.

– Your singin’ voice & dancin’ shoes
– a flash drive / CD / MP3 player / laptop containing your favorite files
– Dr1NkZ (or dollars of kindness)
An inner sense of joy in the face of our eroding cultural freedoms

Here are the directions.