Carving Up The Scene

carving up the scene
Last Monday we held our quarterly staff meeting at The Scene in Glendale. Denizens, let me briefly don a marketing shill hat – unprovoked, at that – and tell you in no uncertain terms that < shill > Should you find yourself in Glendale on a Monday night craving football, you would be hard-pressed to beat The Scene’s proposition: $10 gets you two draught beers and an order of In&Out, which is delivered straight to your stool at the bar.

carving up the sceneIn other words you sit like a lazy son-of-a-bitch, getting slowly plastered screaming at a giant television screen, all the while awaiting a juiced double double. Tough to beat, any way you slice it. Following this nonsense, $2 Dos Equis draughts continue to flow all night long. Christ. I love Glendale! $2 won’t even get you water in Tinseltown.< /shill >

We upped the ante by bringing in our own gourds for seasonal carving. Apparently I carved a donkey. That is to say, I attempted to carve a donkey. It ended up looking more like a dog. Fine. Not even a dog. So? I like donkeys. I also like dogs. So?

More photos and the recap after the jump.

Let it be known that Mac and Cheese Mair carved the word ’Cheese’ into a bell pepper [Exhibit A]. It remains unclear exactly how and why Mac and Cheese Mair returned from a pumpkin patch on Brand Blvd with a bell pepper.

Still more questions involving the city’s ’macaroni maven’ remain unanswered at press time. Will Mac and Cheese Mair’s sister begin her own column in search of the city’s best stroganoff? Might she opt for the city’s best gnocci? The city’s best sub-$5 meal? Asia said it best: Only time will tell.

See if you can spot the applicable pumpkins in the photos below…

Best Emoticon Gourd: Jeannette
Best Stoner Gourd: Annie
Best Two Face: Victor
Best Cheese On A Bell Pepper: M&C Mair
Best Tiny-Wee Face On A Different Bell Pepper: Jen
Best Coffee Paean: Bill DeM (carved by absentee)

carving up the scene

carving up the scene

On a personal note it is always a bonus when you get to end a pumpkin-carving session with a band of fishnet-clad rocker chicks screaming at the top of their lungs.

carving up the scene