Southland Braces for Black Lips Invasion

Southland Braces for Black Lips Invasion

Black Lips
The zonkey sits in on keyboards.

Every now and then a band comes along that walks that line between terrifying and exciting. You are so enthralled by the live show and the records, that you think you want to hang with them, maybe invite them over for beers. But then you wise up (read: sober up) and think better of it. They just might end up wrecking your pad and soiling themselves and your sofa with two, possibly three, bodily fluids with their rock n’ roll ways. But you’ll gladly take shows and the records if you don’t have to worry about an upholstery cleaning bill. The Black Lips are this year’s model of that once-in-a-long-while band.

They are from Atlanta. But wait, there’s more. They are a guitar2/bass/drums outfit that play what might be generically referred to as “garage rock” but is really more like “garage-on-fire-with-you-in-your-car-trapped-inside rock.” With a bit of Nuggets-era psych sprinkled on top. They recorded their LP in Tijuana, no doubt because of the lax laws there.

A lot of bands–or their PR lackeys–make claims of “tearing shit up.” but rarely is that accurate. From what I’ve seen and heard and read in the appropriate police reports, they are the band that might come closest to literally tearing shit up. And I do mean “literally” in the literal sense, not the in misoverused sense that just means “figuratively” or “metaphorically.” Check out the incriminating footage. The braver among you might search “Black+Lips+urination” on flickr. Or just steal this MP3 to get started.

You will have 4 opportunities to be emotionally scarred:

1/24 @ Glass House
1/26 @ The Echo
1/27 @ Spaceland [ENTER TO WIN TICKETS]
1/29 @ UCLA Westwood Plaza — 12 noon — FREE