Enter to Win Midlake Tickets, Drag Out Inevitable Post-Valentine’s Breakup


Happy Valentine’s Day and all that. Here’s your shot to win tickets to see the excellent Texas band MIDLAKE at the Troubadour. Should be a great show. Nice intimate venue for these guys.

The show is on March 3, so here’s what you do in the meantime. Tonight, tell your Valentine that you entered this here contest and that, when (not if ,but when) you win, you’ll take him or her. This way, they’ll have to stick around and wait until at least March to dump you. By which time we’ll have another contest up and running that of course you’ll have entered, so you can again stave off the breakup with another prospect of free tickets in the future. We’ll help you drag this thing out indefinitely and postpone the inevitable–our Valentine’s gift to you!

Entry for this giveaway is now closed. Winners will be notified by 5 pm on Friday 2/23. Thanks to all who entered!