Marie Claire in the Heezzee!!!

’mood.jpg’“It is so incredibly ’80’s in here!!!”

. . .is something Starry did not say the knight of February 21th, 2007. But it was, incredibly, 8:00pm as your Starriness stood outside freezing her buns off (which by the way look fabulous after six weeks of eating nothing but basil and steam.)

I know a lot of you are thinking, Starry what the hell are you doing showing up for anything before 4:15 am? Let me whip out my CrackBerry and regul8te:

Marie Claire Magazine Model Search Party

Wednesday Night @ Mood in Hollywood
Special Appearance by Beauty Editor: Didi Gluck

Yes, dear reader, that Didi Gluck. As in the Didi Gluck who predicted the must-have beauty product of 2004 was going to be “YSL Touche Eclat.” And what was your fashion-forward choice? I’m going to guess “toothpaste.” Starry was ready for any question Didi might ask. . .

D: What jeans are you wearing?
S: Paradise Eter9ity. Size fractal. $1,730 at Nordstrom.

D: Wow! They look great on you. You must hate eating!
S: Why aren’t we best friends?

D: Ha ha ha, soon! Tell us, Starry, what makes you so over the top???
S: Sweetheart. . .I’ve been over a lot of tops! What can I say? Rent’s on the first, chicos, make it LAA-aaast.

D: Ha ha ha etc. . .

Whew. It’s gonna be fresssssh. When it actually happens. Speaking of fresssssh, Starry makes an exception when those bad boyz write:

You are all confirmed!
You must arrive by 8pm, and state that you are on the fresh politix’s guest list!

The Flesh Politix’s Guext Lixt is one of the few things Starry Knightz will admit she’s on. . .if it will get me a crack at talking booty products with Deeds-G. Some more of you might be thinking, Starry weren’t you @ Mood on Hollywood like two weeks ago? Two which I respond, the only place Starry’d rather be 2x in 2 weex is juvenile court–they are both essential to her social life! Now what can Starry say about the partylicious personages who found themselves shakin’ they paycheck-printerzz??? Let her give you a minute by minute rundown, 60 minutes at a time:

8-9pm–West Snoozeburg, Oklahoma ’klf.jpg’
10-11pm–More girlz show up. Great.
11-12am–Sausage fest. . .Ritz it up!
12-1am–DJ plays more KLF.
1-2am–DJ plays more Peter Cetera
2-???–Peter Cetera is the DJ!!!

HA HA HA JOXXXES!!! Whew! Starry’s gotta takes her a breath. . .but not for too long! Who knows when the next party’s gettin’ started?????

[The event managers who e-mail us–Ed.]