Photo Op: Entrance to Dodger Stadium

dodgers: angels :: crips:bloods

Apparently Frank McCourt doesn’t go to Dodger Stadium the ghetto way…by my house.

Or this would be gone too.

Not that I care about the baseball…and I love the Anaheim Angels’ logo… it’s all Red and pretty and there’s something devilish about that font…the two little points on the side of the A, then they go and cap it with a halo… but seriously….

The entire route to Dodger Stadium on Sunset Boulevard is a huge visual FU to the Dodgers. Every single bus ad is this logo. Most billboards are this logo. It’s kind of like gang tagging in someone else’s neighborhood. And to top it all off….there was a HUGE billboard across from the entrance to Dodger’s Stadium on Sunset and Elysian Park.

That lasted about a week.

I’d love to have been in the room when that phone call went down.

The above billboard is at the entrance to Dodger Stadium off Broadway. Apparently the powers that be haven’t clued in to this one yet.

Here’s what the one at Sunset and Elysian looks like now: